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21 Aug 2006

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Special thanks to these FTP archives, mirrors, and other file-hosting institutions:

SAC     FreeDOS     GDS     LEO     Kiarchive     garbo     ibiblio


This "site" is not a general DOS archive but rather a selective listing of free DOS programs – there exist huge gaps in coverage. In brief: no games are listed, few specialized device drivers, and few networking apps. Nor is MS-DOS here, but see the Operating Systems page for a note on support sites, and for other, free DOSes.

While this site is primarily intended for DOS / Win3.x users who won't or can't succumb to 32-bit incarnations of Windows, many programs here may be appropriate for any OS with DOS support or emulation, sometimes including WinNT/2K/XP. However, many are 16-bit and don't support long file names (LFNs), FAT32, NTFS, HPFS, or huge drives, may abort on high MHz PCs, or may not be Y2K ready. If a program is "compatible" with Win9x LFNs (= uses LFNs when run under Win9x) you should see a notice, otherwise assume 8+3 file name conventions. A few Win32 console programs are currently catalogued, but more can be found here paired with DOS counterparts.

Many programs are not stored on major ftp archives that are known to be secure, so you'll want to scan downloaded files with an antivirus program.

This site's pages are now being distributed under the CDL (Common Documentation License). This reasonably unrestrictive license allows for the free distribution, publication, and modification of these pages by anyone (the major restriction is that derivative works must adhere to the same license). The entire collection of the Free Software for DOS HTML pages together with a copy of the CDL can be downloaded as a single archive file – see Take Us Home.


Why create a freeware list devoted to a "dying, obsolete" operating system?

What is the Free Software for DOS site?

What types of programs are (and are not) listed?

Why don't you list DOS pay-shareware or "abandonware"?

Can I mail you a program suggestion or other comments?


By Founding Editor: Rich Green
Newport Coast, CA [USA]

To the generous and thoughtful programmers who create some very enjoyable and useful software. Second, to the FTP sites, administrators, and mirrors who grant free access to their file collections. And to those who submit tips to the DOS newsgroups – many of the gems here were first discovered through newsgroups. A big thanks to all those who have so graciously offered advice, correction, and support. And to my fiancée who has long endured this addiction.

Special persons who have contributed to this effort:

Special thanks to: Bjørn Simonsen whose wisdom and patient advice throughout have been invaluable; Howard Schwartz who has contributed several excellent reviews and program suggestions; and Robert Bull for his excellent program suggestions and commentary. Also, thanks go to Yves Bellefeuille, Bob Appleton, and Dev Teelucksingh for their immensely helpful freeware / software lists. (Of course, all errors included within are my own invention!)

Too many other wonderful people to list...
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