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21 Aug 2006

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Also see Listing Updates & Revisions.


Many updates, expanded descriptions & fixed links. Added Isnewer & MidnightPhotoRecROM-DOS. Added descriptions to Secondary Program List. Revised the Portable Global Menus.
Replaced two pages: More Resources - 2, and Unix >> DOS, with link revisions on account of a major download site's disappearance.
Updates & fixes. Reorganized and renamed some pages: Front Page is now index.htm. Revised all menus, including the Portable Global Menus.
Many updates, expanded descriptions & fixed links. Moved some items around. Added cURLLSpppWget. Added new page, Information, Reference, Research. Revised all menus, including the Portable Global Menus.
The usual updates & fixes. Added a2psAmateur Radio ClockBLRMUBLRUTbmp2png / png2bmpCTRLCAPSEKBENDNOTEFIXCAPSGhostscriptInfViewOpenCubicPlayerPCI32PSUtilsR200FIXREARJShift ToggleSmilerShell/95SWORDUHARCUltraExpander IIUNARJXKILL. Added a page, More Resources – 2, with lists of mirror sites of the garbo, SAC, Simtel, gnuish and DJGPP archives. Split Batch Utils into two pages. Listing Updates & Revisions are now four pages. Revised all menus, including the Portable Global Menus.
Updates & fixes. New Portable Global Menus, including two for new sites in Estonia. New graphics package. Web browsers moved from HTML page to the new Communication / Internet - 2. A total of another 19 program packages have been added to the two Communication / Internet pages. File Finders and Identifiers page is now File Utils - 3. Text Formatters & Filters page is now Text Utils - 4. Eliminated File Viewers pages, moved contents to Graphics, HTML & Text Utils - 5. Some other programs have also been moved – if you can't find something, check the Site Indexes.
Updated VBX version & link.
Updated CONVERT-IT links.
Updates & fixes. Added Kaspersky Antivirus 32, replacing AVPLite. Added DOS16 version of GSAR. Moved Fixes for Borland Pascal 7 CRT Bug and other fixes from the Miscellaneous Utils page to System Utils. Moved TS Filters from More Resources to Text Formatters & Filters, and added detailed list and descriptions of items. Also moved a few other items around. If you can't find something where it used to be, check the Program Name Index.
Updates & fixes. Moved REXX, REGINA, BREXX from Batch Utils to Programming.
Updates & fixes. Added BOOTMGRDRVEXCHX (2)CALC 1.1RALPH.
Updates & fixes. Moved ASCII Charts from Screen Utils page to Text Utils - 4. More small changes in the Portable Global Menus, to improve readability – still no change in basic content since 5 Jun 2005.
Updates & fixes.
Updates & fixes. Operating Systems page: Expanded coverage of the various flavors of DR-DOS and OpenDOS. Minor changes in Portable Global Menus – if you have a version of 5 Jun 2005, don't bother getting a new one yet. Reorganized News & Updates into three pages.
Updates & fixes. Added sites to More Resources - 1.
Updates & fixes.
Updates & fixes. A section renamed, with a few more sites listed, in More Resources - 1 page.
Updates & fixes. Revised Portable Global Menus yet again – new download links.
Updates & fixes. This site's graphics package has been revised, with the addition of one screenshot (zip_scrn.gif) that has a link on the Communications Progs page. See Take us home on the Front Page, for the entire package's download link.
Updates & fixes. India mirror online – go to Page One for all site links. Revised Portable Global Menus.
UK and Pacific mirrors are online – go to Page One for links.
Updates & fixes. Added Memtest86 to System Utils page.
Updates & fixes.
Revised Portable Global Menu again.
Updates & fixes.
Updates & fixes. Revised Portable Global Menus
Updates & fixes. Added POVLAB to Graphics page.
Updates & fixes.
Updates & fixes. New Portable Global Menus. Moved Checkbooks section from Calendars page to Calculators, Converters, Statistics, Math.
Updates & fixes.
Updates & fixes.
Updates & fixes.
The usual updates & fixes. Added the OzWoz Utilities.
The usual updates & fixes.
The usual updates & fixes. Nothing big today.
Updates again & a few new listings. This page, the other News page, and About have been reorganized a bit.
Updates again. Also a new take-home menu – see the Front Page for details.
The Archivers / Compressors etc. and File Managers pages have been reorganized, also the News & Updates, now on two pages. All program items have been reindexed, so there should be no problems finding things. Another few small style changes have been made, along with the usual updates.
The Disk Utilities page has been split into two. There are a few style changes along with the usual version and link updates and a few small corrections.
The usual version and link updates and a few small corrections.
A few more version updates and other small revisions.
A few version updates and other small revisions.
Added download location lists to Unix >> DOS page. A few other minor revisions.
A bunch of new and improved programs: Added Adrenal Manager and Genesis Commander to the File Managers page. Major revisions of DOSLFN on the Miscellaneous Utils page; VDE on Text Editors 1, VBX on Text Editors 2, the Arachne Web browser on File Viewers 2; and more. Moved Hex editors from Miscellaneous Utils to Programming page. Search Listing Updates & Revisions on 2005-02-04 for more details.
This site's graphics package has been revised, with the addition of three new buttons (gdslogo.gif, ibiblio.gif, kiarchiv.gif) that appear on About This Site. See Take us home on the Front Page, for the download link.
New pages: The Text Viewers page is now File Viewers 1. The new File Viewers 2 contains graphics and HTML viewers, moved from other pages. Some progs have been added to the collection. Still fixing broken links. Hint: Search Listing Updates & Revisions on this edition's date (2004-12-17) for details.
Modified interface a bit more, fixed some bugs & broken links, updated a few items.
Added Operating Systems page.
Major expansion of the Unix page. Continuing development of the LISTING UPDATES – noting which items have already been revised, and keeping pace with the newest changes.
The end of a major phase of work on these pages: Redecorating is almost finished, and >90% of links are certain to be current (the rest, who knows?); Mirror sites are being set up (some problems remain to be fixed); The number of pages (but not real content) has been reduced. Don't hesitate to write to us if you find any glitches – mistakes can happen, download sites can disappear, new versions of programs could go unnoticed... Contact info is on Page One – use the link at top of this page to get there.
For home viewing, it's time to download the new edition of the picture file (includes 3 new screenshots), along with the zipped text pages.
2003-08-10 (Short.Stop)
First full release. While the "look & feel" of the pages have been modified, all of the original listings are here.
2002-03-10 (Richard L. Green)
I no longer have the time to maintain these pages adequately. My own version of these pages will cease to be updated with regularity, but I do intend to keep them online and may update entries when time permits.

Free_Software_for_DOS at Yahoo! Groups

Yes, you read it right – that's our Group, and email list too, established in 2004. Membership and subscriptions are, as you would expect, completely free, and open to all interested people. What you will get: Messages announcing new editions of Free Software for DOS, and anything else that members want to discuss.

You have three options:
  1. Join the Group at its website, or,
  2. Subscribe to the email list, or,
  3. Both

The details:
  1. If you join the Group at its website, you will be able to read the entire archive of list messages, post new messages without using another emailer, read and post other information, and set mail preferences.
  2. If you only subscribe to the list, you will be able to receive and post messages. No more, no less.
  3. If you join up at the Group's website and subscribe to the list, you will be able to do anything you want, at any time.

To join the Group, go to its site at and do what it tells you to.

Two ways to subscribe to the Free_Software_for_DOS email list:
  1. After joining the Group, do it at the website, at any time, or,
  2. Send an empty message to, from the email address that you want messages to go to. Next, you will receive a message asking you to confirm your subscription within seven (7) days. Confirm, and you're done.

After subscribing, you can send messages at any time to

Last bit of info for now: Email messages to the list should be in plain text – HTML and any other atttachments will be stripped away.


To send us a message, click here.

Don't forget to remove the NOSPAM that you will see in the address in your emailer's To: header.

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